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Damn Cool Pics: Bagger 288 - The World’s Largest Vehicle

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The Navy’s Newest Destroyer Is a Drone

Among the high-tech features included on the USS Zumwalt—cannons that fire rocket-propelled, GPS-guided rounds and stealth design that gives the 610-foot ship the radar signature of a small fishing vessel—there’s also a computer intelligence capable of preparing the ship for battle and engaging enemy targets on its own. Think of it as a gigantic floating drone: “Most UAVs [unmanned aerial vehicles] are a few million dollars,” says Wade Knudson, who heads the Zumwalt project for Raytheon (RTN), which made most of the ship’s computer systems. “This is a $5 billion UAV.”
Unlike aerial drones, however, the Zumwalt will still have a human crew and it will know how to anticipate their needs. If the ship’s smoke alarms and cameras detect a fire, the ship will turn on the sprinklers and seal off the area. When the fire is out, the ship knows to drain the water so the crew can investigate. All of this automation means the ship will carry a crew of just over 150—half of what would normally be required on a ship of this size. In a pinch, it can be manned by a crew of 40.

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Note: It should come as no surprise that this is a joint-venture between the U.S. Navy and Raytheon who stands to profit handsomely as long as the U.S. continues its military adventurism. Raytheon actively lobbies for ‘issues pertaining to defense and homeland security.’

Seadrill Secures Jack-Up Rig Drilling Contracts - gCaptain Maritime & Offshore News

日当たり◎。一人暮らしって楽。お金かかるけど。#五反田 #myhouse #家具がない

Just wanted to share the cherry blossoms in full bloom in Gotanda! As I can’t go and see them in RL at the moment the bf took lots of photos for me to look at instead. One day I wish I can enjoy them over in Japan as uni always starts before they start to bloom but only one more year to go til graduation! 五反田の桜はいいね〜ヽ(*^ω^*)ノ










Lancia Stratos vs Lancia Delta Integrale (via spiriteddrive, jameslipman)

Frabcesco Paolo Michetti